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Agricultural Loans


We offer loans ranging from operating lines to cover production costs during the season to term loans to purchase equipment and/or land. We are here to meet your needs with repayment terms that fit your cash flows.​

​As a rancher/farmer, you have enough uncontrollable worries, such as the weather and commodity prices. Let our dependable ag lenders help you stay in control of your finances.​

​Talk with one of our ag lenders about the following loans:

Operating Lines

You spend money all season long in anticipation of the sale of the crop/cattle at season’s end. Operating lines cover those seasonal expenditures and are repaid from the sales proceeds. We will assist you in preparing your annual operating budgets to determine your borrowing needs and will monitor those disbursements during the year to ensure you are able to pay off the operating line at season’s end. And as necessary, we will work with you to resolve the periodic cash shortfalls at season’s end.

Equipment Loans

You repay term equipment loans from the cash flows generated by the profitable use of that equipment. We will tailor the loan payments to match your periodic cash flows. We finance both new and used equipment over terms ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on the life of the related equipment. Down payments of 20% are generally required unless you have additional suitable collateral to pledge.

Ag Land Loans

When you are looking to acquire land, make improvements to existing holdings or refinance existing land loans, we will work with you to design a financing package that meets your needs.

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